Partner Visa Application Review Service – Rehearse, Practice, Get It Right

I’ve been getting quite a few of these requests lately and I’ve decided to make it an official thing. You can now submit your application to me for a review and I’ll give you back a report detailing your chances of success and areas of improvement.

You now have an opportunity to ‘rehearse’ and ‘practice’ with me as the case officer and as you as the applicant.

I’ll review your statutory declarations, form 888, personal written statements and all the supporting documentation that you’ll be attaching to your application. And as a bonus, I’ll go through your application forms with a fine tooth comb to make sure you have everything correct and accurate – because remember, any incorrect information, however small or unintentional, may be cause for visa refusal or cancellation.

This is a service that I provide through my firm Frontier Migration Services for our clients but as readers of mine, I have secured you a discount! If you have bought my book, then as my thanks to you, you will receive a huge discount! This also ensures that I’ll be reviewing a complete application because if you haven’t read my book then chances are you wouldn’t have put together your application properly and it’d be a big waste of time and money to conduct this review.

Therefore, buy my book now if you haven’t because I cannot stress enough how much value is in it for a fraction of the price of a lawyer.

Partner Visa Application review service

You should submit your documents and application to me for review as if you were submitting the real thing. If everything goes well then you will be able to submit your application with peace of mind. If the application is not quite ready or could improve its chances of success, then I will suggest this. What you do with that suggestion is completely up to you and you are under no obligation to do anything with it.

This is how it will work:

  1. Email me for an application review and to get your reader’s discount
  2. I’ll provide a secure folder for uploading of your documents
  3. I’ll send the payment link – either credit card payments or direct debit into the firm’s Australian bank account
  4. Upload all documents to be reviewed and a cover letter with outstanding documents so that I can check them off against the checklist
  5. Review will be conducted within 5 business days
  6. Receive report

Note: review can only be conducted online and with electronic copies of documents. Do not send hardcopies. Even if you are planning to submit a paper application you should scan your documents for safekeeping and for your own records.

So if you’re ready for an application review, simply email me here or use the contact form here.

(Disclaimer: I cannot help you get more evidence. I cannot help you write anything else. I cannot guarantee visa outcomes. I can only provide an opinion on chances of success with what has been provided to me by you.)

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