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Partner Visa Application Fees WILL Go Up On 1 July 2017

partner visa application fees will go up every year

Recently the Australian Government revealed their Budget and naturally in a game of pluses and minuses in order to balance the nation’s books, there’d be winners and losers. Unfortunately my dear readers, we are the losers in this one.

Not only will the fees for partner visa applications go up on 1 July 2017, they’ll continue to go up every year in line with inflation.

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“The Permanent Partner Visa Process” – Everything You Need To Get Ready And Succeed In The Second Stage Partner Visa Processing


After the success of The Australian Partner Visa Guide, I set a goal myself for 2017 to write the next book in the series. Every day for 1-2 hours after work I put my writing hat on and wrote, analysed, edited and made sure that I had a damn good book worth putting out.

Introducing ‘The Permanent Partner Visa Process’. I apologise for the lack of a creative title but it is what it is – plain and simple English so that you can do it yourself.

‘The Permanent Partner Visa Process’ details the entire procedure and includes how to answer the call for more information to start your second stage visa processing.

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Partner Visa Costs Compared Around The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

partner visa costs compared


I’ve got a special treat for you guys today: data visualisation! That means a lovely infographic on partner visa costs!

As you all know, I’m obsessed with how much partner visa costs nowadays, particularly when I’ve watched it increase over the years – sometimes over a few short months! But the question remains, just how much has it increased over the years? And what about the processing times? These questions keep me up at night and I thought, why not finally investigate and track the rise and rise of the Great Australian rip-off?

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