The How-To Guide for Australian Partner Visas

Your plain English companion guide to applying for an Australian Partner Visa or Prospective Marriage Visa. 

225-pages of step-by-step instructions on how to get you through the Australian Partner Visa Application process. 

Includes over 15 checklists, forms, templates and 20 examples of statutory declarations with unlimited updates so that you receive the most up-to-date visa rules and changes.


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The Visa Process
Don't be confused and overwhelmed by the process. Know what you need to do when and how to do it.
Do It Yourself
We'll teach you how to apply for the Australian Partner Visa yourself. Build your own futures together with us.
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Don't throw money down the drain, save on lawyer fees. We give you the checklists, templates and tools that immigration professionals use and we'll teach you how to use them.

Overview of The Partner Visa Guide

The Partner Visa Guide consists of 225 pages of information on how to apply for the Australian Partner Visa with the highest chance of success. Below is an overview of the chapters in the guide.

Chapter 1

Introduction to Australian Partner Visas

Here you'll learn how to use the guide and explanations of key terms, important players and the level and depth you will need to go into when trying to prove your relationship.

Chapter 2

What is the Partner Visa

This chapter will give an overview of the partner visa, how much it costs, the standard processing times and how to apply for each visa. At the end of this chapter you will already have a starting point for your partner visa application process.

Chapter 3

Sponsor Criteria - Australian Partner

The Sponsor is the Australian permanent resident or citizen partner and in this chapter you'll learn about the rules, conditions and limitations of the sponsor.

Chapter 4

Applicant Criteria - Overseas Partner

In this chapter, we'll go through the criteria for the applicant i.e. the overseas partner. We will discuss how to apply inside and outside of Australia and why you should consider where you are before you apply.

Chapter 5

Things to Watch Out For

This chapter will cover common pitfalls and mistakes that you should avoid. We go through common scenarios and tricky situations so that you can prepare your application with the highest chance of success.

Chapter 6

The 4 Aspects of The Relationship

This chapter will go through each aspect, one by one and help you to identify evidence to prove these. We provide templates and instructions on how to prepare your documents for the partner visa application.

Chapter 7

Statutory Declarations - How-to

This chapter will cover how to fill in a Statutory Declaration, what needs to be included in a supporting statutory declaration, how to prepare the applicant and sponsor's statutory declarations and administrative things such as certification of documents.

More Chapters...

Forms, Checklists, Templates

The guide consists of many more chapters full of helpful and useful information to assist you with your partner visa application, including forms, police checks, health checks, checklists and templates.

Bonus 1

Checklists and worksheets

3 giant checklists to help you identify the documents you need, organise the documents and make them compliant before submitting your partner visa application.

Bonus 2

2 Completed Applications

Included with the book is one filled in sample application for the Sponsor and one filled in sample application of the Applicant. This will show you where everything should go and prepare you for your own application.

Bonus 3

20 Good and Bad Samples

Complete examples of good and bad statutory declarations to help you organise and write your own statutory declarations. Don't make common mistakes and follow good examples of statutory declarations.

Bonus 4

All necessary forms

All the necessary forms including the sponsor application form, applicant application form, statutory declaration templates, Form 888, Form 80 and guides to health checks (for guidance only).

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The Testimonials

Many people have used this guide to help them through the Australian partner visa process. Have a look at what they have to say.

Heather S.

Just awesome. I can't believe there's so much information in here that a lawyer would normally charge thousands for. This book really helped us through the process and gave us a game plan on where to begin. I don't think I would have been so confident that I was doing things correctly without this book. Two words: GET IT.

Nadir K.

Amazing value! We used this book to prepare all our documents and then we had Fiona and her team look over them to make sure we had everything. It was so much cheaper than the other lawyers who quoted us a ridiculous amount. I cannot thank Fiona and her team enough for writing this book.

Maya T.

Great guide. This is not your typical 'overview' type guides that I've seen elsewhere on the web. Fiona provides checklists, templates and walks you through what's bad evidence and what's good evidence. With partner visas costing an arm and a leg, this book has been our saviour.

Michael N.

Worth every cent. This guide really broke down the process for us into plain English. The partner visa is such a long process and we were constantly in fear of things changing on us before we could apply. Luckily we got constant updates and with each update a new template or a checklist. I can't believe the amount of information here. If you're even just thinking about applying, then you need this guide!

About The Author

Fiona is the founder of the Australian firm Frontier Migration Services. She has had an extensive career in the corporate and legal world and has helped countless people to migrate to Australia. Connect with her below.

Fiona Chan

After applying for her partner to stay in Australia, she realised that others go through the immigration process themselves without the legal knowledge. Soon after, visa fees took a giant jump and she knew then and there that not many could afford the help of an immigration lawyer; thus this book was born! What started as a simple 5-page guide for friends and family evolved into a 225-page book complete with checklists and templates. She believes that love shouldn't cost you everything and is strongly opposed to the Australian government increasing partner visa fees.

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