Permanent Partner Visa Process

After the success of The Australian Partner Visa Guide, I set a goal myself for 2017 to write the next book in the series. Every day for 1-2 hours after work I put my writing hat on and wrote, analysed, edited and made sure that I had a damn good book worth putting out.

Introducing ‘The Permanent Partner Visa Process’. I apologise for the lack of a creative title but it is what it is – plain and simple English so that you can do it yourself.

‘The Permanent Partner Visa Process’ details the entire procedure and includes how to answer the call for more information to start your second stage visa processing. It also comes with partner visa to Australia interview questions!

The second stage visa processing sneaks up on you

Firstly, when you lodged your partner visa application, you were in essence lodging two applications in one: the temporary partner visa for your lovely partner to stay in Australia and the permanent partner visa which will then make your partner a permanent resident.

The second stage visa processing or permanent partner visa process starts on the 2 year anniversary of your application date.

Saying it out loud, 2 years sounds like a long time to wait right? WRONG.

What people (and clients of mine as well) don’t realise is that those 2 years go fast! It may not feel like it when you’re waiting for the temporary partner visa to process, but believe me, the second stage visa processing can creep up on you.

Let me break it down for you: you apply for the temporary and permanent partner visa at the same time. Only after 12-15 months is your temporary partner visa granted. In a mere 9 months later, the Department reels it’s head and asks you to provide more information. Without warning, the Department then asks you again for further evidence that you’re continuing in your relationship. It was hard the first time around, now they want you to produce evidence within 28 days of them contacting you? Did you remember how long it took to write statutory declarations? Yours and your family and friends? Twenty-eight days ain’t enough!

Many are caught unaware

So when it does creep up on you, you know you’re already on the back foot and you have to scramble again to get all your evidence together. Worse still, you’ve waited this long and instead of it going smoothly and quickly, you’re held up again because you don’t have everything ready to go.

The second stage visa processing or permanent partner visa process is slightly different from the first time you went through the temporary partner visa. You will need to prove your relationship again but this time in reference to the time since you were granted your temporary partner visa. But more than ever, the 4 aspects need to be addressed and you’re going to be scrutinised so much more closely because you’re about one step away from being a permanent resident of Australia.

Circumstances may have changed

Although you’re allowed some time to celebrate the temporary partner visa grant, you shouldn’t forget that you’re not off the hook yet and the Department can come at any time to investigate the status of your relationship. And even though it’s only a mere 9 months till the Department comes knocking again, circumstances may have changed.

The new book talks about these changed circumstances, discusses the common investigation techniques of the case officers and provides some answers on how to deal with ‘adverse information’.

However, ‘adverse information’ or visa cancellations are not the topic of the new book so while I do talk about them and how to answer, it’s not going to be as comprehensive as the next supplement that I’m writing: Visa cancellations and circumstances that allow you to stay (yes, I know, another really long and boring book title).

The new book will prepare you BEFORE and keep you on your guard

Knowing when your anniversary date is and working back from there, you’re able to plan and get things started almost immediately after your temporary partner visa grant.

Coming in at 112 pages, ‘The Permanent Partner Visa Process’ is absolutely jam-packed with information on how to get through the permanent partner visa application. It includes 8 additional resources that you’ll need. Just like the last book, it’s got a checklist, templates and all the forms that you need to get you started.

What’s included?

A 112 pages of step-by-step instructions on how to get through the permanent partner visa process. The new book will have 8 new resources ranging from sample forms, checklists and templates.

And keeping with simple and transparent pricing, the new book ‘The Permanent Partner Visa Process’ is now available for purchase for a very affordable $30.

Consultations and Review service

As always, if your circumstances are not straight forward or you’re in doubt about how to proceed, you should always consult a legal professional before proceeding.

I offer consultations and a review service that you can read about here. Although your chances of needing these services are smaller than the last time around, circumstances could have changed that may put your application in doubt. If so, I have a special discounted consultation fee for my readers.

If you’d like your permanent partner visa application reviewed before submitting to the Department, I also provide this service at a significantly discounted rate for my readers.

So without further adieu, I introduce to you ‘The Permanent Partner Visa Process’!