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New Changes Mean Australian Sponsors Will Require Police Checks As Part Of The Partner Visa Application Process


Australian Sponsors Will Require Police Checks

Remember that earlier post about impending changes to the partner visas? Well it’s here folks.

The changes are significant from a legislation point of view but from your point of view, it’s simply another piece of evidence that you need to provide with your partner visa applications.

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“The Permanent Partner Visa Process” – Everything You Need To Get Ready And Succeed In The Second Stage Partner Visa Processing


After the success of The Australian Partner Visa Guide, I set a goal myself for 2017 to write the next book in the series. Every day for 1-2 hours after work I put my writing hat on and wrote, analysed, edited and made sure that I had a damn good book worth putting out.

Introducing ‘The Permanent Partner Visa Process’. I apologise for the lack of a creative title but it is what it is – plain and simple English so that you can do it yourself.

‘The Permanent Partner Visa Process’ details the entire procedure and includes how to answer the call for more information to start your second stage visa processing.

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Are cover letters for partner visa applications necessary? [FREE TEMPLATE]

how to include a cover letter in your visa application

Are cover letters for partner visa applications necessary?

Cover letters are not just for job applications, they can also be handy for your partner visa applications. Why you ask? Is it necessary you ask? Well they’re not necessary per se but they’re a nice to have and I find that it helps to make the life of the case officer easier. Imagine if you’re handing in 50 or so documents (either paper or online) and there’s a few missing that will be uploaded or sent off a bit later. You can’t expect the case officer to look at your list of documents and know exactly what’s missing and whether you will be uploading it. Once again the goal is to help out the case officer as much as possible and not to make their jobs harder than it should be.

If you’re missing documents or some of your documents are a little unclear then you want to explain this to the case officer.

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Writing A Timeline Of Your Relationship (+FREE Worksheet)

The very first thing that you should do before you even start any partner visa paperwork is to map out your relationship and document every significant event in a timeline.

Why you ask? Well where are you going to start? If this is not your starting point then I don’t know what is. Filling in the application forms should be the last thing you do, not the first. So put those forms down and get cracking on your relationship timeline instead.

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