How To Get An Australian Partner Visa in 90 Days - Cover


Guess what guys? I just published another book. A smaller, practical Kindle ebook called ‘How To Get An Australian Partner Visa in 90 Days’. I’m on a roll!

It’s currently  FREE  but don’t wait too long because I’m going to increase the price on Friday (22 July) and then you’ll lose out on the amazing preparation roadmap and schedule!

So what is this book about? Well it’s called a preparation road map and it lays down week by week what you need to do in order to collect all the documents you need to submit a complete application. Sounds good doesn’t it?

The number 1 reason for delays in any partner visa application is in the preparation and evidence gathering stage. This is the stage that everyone is so overwhelmed by information that they don’t know where to start and what to do. That’s why I wrote The Australian Partner Visa Guide in the first place.

Everyday I’m bombarded with emails about this, same old “where do I start?”, “what should I do first?” and when I tell them about my book they even hesitate in getting that done! But that’s OK I don’t take it personal, I know from firsthand experience as a law student about procrastination and ‘analysis paralysis’. ‘Analysis paralysis’ is where you spend so much of your time and decision-making power on analysing options and methods, consuming information that you don’t end up making any decisions or doing anything! Coupled with procrastination, this is a deadly combination.

So I decided to light a firecracker up the butts of these paralysed procrastinators and wrote this Kindle ebook specifically with them in mind. Maybe The Australian Partner Visa Guide is too advanced for them, maybe it’s got too much information in it for them and they just want the basics, I don’t know. But what I do know is that sometimes people just need to be led and need to be told a schedule in order to do things.

This new Kindle ebook will give you a visual roadmap and a timetable that will tell you exactly how to start and get everything ready in just 90 days!

Guys, this is achievable. If you’re organised, anything is possible. And this is how you’re going to get organised, you’re going to follow the road map I’ve laid out for you.

For the ones who bought my book The Australian Partner Visa Guide, this information is already covered in extensive detail. There’s nothing new here for you but if you’d like to check it out and leave a review, I’ll send you a copy. Just email me. Or grab a copy during the promotion period.

For those who haven’t yet bought my book or are at a different stage in their application journey this is the ebook for you!

You have been warned, you are about to get a kick up your butt to get started on your partner visa application.

Get the Kindle ebook  NOW  and for  FREE  before I increase the price and the pain!

If you’re not a procrastinator and you’re a go-getter who refuses to sit on their hands then go out and get my book The Australian Partner Visa Guide: the most comprehensive guide you’ll ever come across to help you do your own Australian partner visa application.