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Social Responsibility and Financial Aid Programmes – Get Help With Fees

australian partner visa guide is giving back

In my previous post, I wrote about how some couples are working 3 jobs just to pay for the partner visa application fees. I received an overwhelming response from readers about how this has impacted them, particularly with the recent fee increase again (this time it’s a whopping $7,715, even more than we predicted).

All these stories made me think long and hard about how I can give more back to the community; to the people whose only crime was to fall in love with an Australian and want to be able to live in this beautiful country that we call home.

I had a discussion with the team and we are all of the same opinion that we could do more.

This is why I’m donating more of my time and services to partner visa applications.

Today I’m very proud to announce that we are launching 2 give back programmes called the Social Responsibility Programme and the Financial Aid Programme.

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Why are partner visa applications refused?

why are partner visa applications refused appeal review


Today, we’re going to talk about the common reasons why an Australian partner visa may be refused.

Depending on where the applicant is when they lodge the application, there may be review rights.

If the applicant is offshore and applies for a partner visa, and it is refused, the applicant does not have the right to a review.

If the applicant is onshore when they apply for the partner visa, and it is refused, the applicant may lodge an appeal to have the decision reviewed.

A review is a different process in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. “The AAT can review some, but not all, decisions about visas made under the Migration Act 1958 by the Department of Home Affairs, the Minister for Home Affairs or the Minister for Immigration.” You can read more about the AAT here.

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4 Benefits Of Applying For A Partner Visa Outside Of Australia

partner visa offshore processing

4 Benefits Of Applying For A Partner Visa Outside Of Australia

There’s been a big upheaval in visa land a.k.a Australian immigration laws, particularly about permanent residency and pathways to citizenship. But buried deep within the turmoil were 2 sneaky even more upsetting news: price hikes and prolonged processing times.

So I talked about the price hikes here and although I don’t think you should submit incomplete applications (or do I?), you really should get your applications in before 1 July if you want to get ahead of the price hikes. Note: that’s 1 July EVERY YEAR.

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Partner Visa Application Fees WILL Go Up On 1 July 2017

partner visa application fees will go up every year

Recently the Australian Government revealed their Budget and naturally in a game of pluses and minuses in order to balance the nation’s books, there’d be winners and losers. Unfortunately my dear readers, we are the losers in this one.

Not only will the fees for partner visa applications go up on 1 July 2017, they’ll continue to go up every year in line with inflation.

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Thursday Answers – Is Form 80 Necessary Or Can I Just Skip It?

Australian partner visa answers

Thursday Answers – Is Form 80 Necessary Or Can I Just Skip It?

Thursday Answers are a response to questions submitted by readers on our regular Ask Mondays posts.

Every Monday I ask people to send in their questions and concerns and I select one to answer. In doing this, I hope you will see that a) you’re not alone in this, b) there are no stupid questions and c) we’re all here to help!

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A Year In Review And What’s Next For 2019

A year in review for partner visa

Last updated: 27 May 2019

As we approach the end of the year, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, feedback and suggestions. To continue to give back where it matters I have some exciting news and developments for the year to come.

I know a lot of you have started this daunting and lengthy process and it has always been a goal of mine to make it as easy as it can be without having to pay a migration agent a king’s ransom for help.

Since the launch of the book, feedback has come through thick and strong and for that I thank you. Without your updates, feedback and suggestions I wouldn’t be able to tell if what I do is helpful or not.

So let me just say this: I hear you. I see you. And I know your pains.

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Speeding Up Your Partner Visa Application Processing Time



Speeding Up Your Partner Visa Application Processing Time

Dear readers,

I’ve been going through a lot of partner visa application reviews lately and the number 1 problem that I’ve noticed in an increasing amount of applications is:

Not presenting the information properly!

This can lead to:

  • Invalid visa applications
  • Delays in visa processing
  • Possible visa refusal
  • Requests for further information
  • Investigations by the Department

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