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COVID-19 and Partner Visas – How to go to Australia and apply for exemption

How to go to Australia during COVID

How can I apply for an exemption to travel to Australia for my partner?

As many of you are aware, as a country, we’re locked down. No one is allowed in or out unless they have exemptions to travel. 

Responding to increasing pressure from Australian citizens being separated from their family and loved ones, the government has decided to a) allow entry for partners of Australian citizens and b) fast-track them aka give their visa applications priority processing. 

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Proving financial support during partner visa processing period

Do I need financial support or assurances of support for partner visa applications?

Last updated: 11 December 2023

Do I need financial support or assurances of support for partner visa applications?

Dear Readers, 

Today we’re talking about financial support and proving financial resources as a sponsor of a partner visa application. 

Lately I’ve been receiving questions around financial support and whether the Australian sponsor needs to have an amount of money in their bank account, how do Australian sponsors prove that they can provide financially for the applicant and similar types of questions.

There’s also a lot of misinformation going around, usually by people and companies that make money off lending sponsors money to ‘show’ that they have enough in their bank accounts. 

Yes, this is a common practice for partner visas around the world, including the US and UK where a sponsoring partner must be employed and earn a salary over a certain amount of money before they are allowed to sponsor their partner. However, Australia is not a country that requires sponsors to earn over a certain threshold before they can sponsor. Thankfully!

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Give Details Of The Financial Aspects Of The Relationship

give details of the financial aspects of the relationship australian partner visa guide

Last updated: 11 December 2023

The Financial Aspects Of The Relationship

The Australian partner visa application requires that the applicant and sponsor provide evidence of the relationship against 4 criteria. That is, the case officer will take your partner visa application and look at all the evidence and what you have written and weigh it up against 4 things:

  1. Financial aspects of the relationship
  2. Social aspects of the relationship
  3. Nature of the commitment to each other
  4. Nature of the household

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Third Edition of the Australian Partner Visa Guide Out Today

Launching the Third Edition of the Australian Partner Visa Guide with even more content, insights and examples of statutory declarations to give you the tools to do your own partner visa applications

Australian Partner Visa Guide 2019 Third Edition


Australian partner visas have had some changes since the last edition of the book launched November 2017. As I updated the blog with the changes I was working simultaneously on the third edition of the Australian Partner Visa Guide. I am now very proud to announce that once again I’ve expanded on the Australian Partner Visa Guide and in this third edition; there are more insights, more tips and more information on how you can put together the most successful partner visa application.

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Partner Visa Changes in June/July 2019 – Sponsorship requirements and approval

partner visa wrong answer

Changes to Partner Visa Sponsorship Requirements in June 2019

In yet another example of how inexperienced (and even the most experienced) migration agents have bungled the interpretation of the law (remember some migration agents are not lawyers) are the proposed changes to the Partner Visas coming in June 2019.

Every migration agency under the sun is heralding a change that supposedly would require the Australian sponsor to be approved before the visa application. They’ve all variously said that the approval process is a separate process and may take anywhere up to 12-15 months (where they got this number from I’m not sure but they were probably projecting from past numbers). They’ve all claimed that because of this splitting of the process, that everyone should run to them immediately so that their migration agents can help you get your applications in before then (and charge you a mint for it!). They’ve erroneously concluded that if the sponsorship needs to be approved first, then the visa applicant can’t make a visa application until then and there may not be a bridging visa for the visa applicant (if they’re onshore).

This is wrong. Just downright, blatantly wrong.

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Working holiday visas are changing and here’s how they can benefit you

working holiday visa partner visa


Working holiday visas (subclass 417 and 462) are a very common pathway for couples to live together in Australia for a while as they provide work rights and a long enough time for couples to establish their relationship in Australia.

Couples who meet overseas and would like to repatriate to Australia often use working holiday visas for the foreign partner (if they’re eligible) to see if they want to spend the rest of their lives in Australia.

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