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Last updated: 19 January 2021

The Financial Aspects Of The Relationship

The Australian partner visa application requires that the applicant and sponsor provide evidence of the relationship against 4 criteria. That is, the case officer will take your partner visa application and look at all the evidence and what you have written and weigh it up against 4 things:

  1. Financial aspects of the relationship
  2. Social aspects of the relationship
  3. Nature of the commitment to each other
  4. Nature of the household

Today we’re going to go through how to write details of the financial aspects of the relationship.

Not only do you need to write about the details, you also need to provide supporting documents as evidence and we can go through what this means for you.

Generally, this criteria wants you to show that you mix your money, that you pool your financial means together and pay for everything as a unit. The assumption is that if you are living together and are in a committed mutually exclusive relationship, that you would share finances as well.

So in the Regulations, they’ve helpfully (depending on how you see it) provided the following as advice:

  • any joint ownership of real estate or other major assets; and
  • any joint liabilities; and
  • the extent of any pooling of financial resources, especially in relation to major financial commitments; and
  • whether one person in the relationship owes any legal obligation in respect of the other; and
  • the basis of any sharing of day-to-day household expenses;

Joint ownership of real estate or other major assets

This is quite self-explanatory.  If you own your home together or any other real estate property, then provide evidence of this. This could be the land title, the contracts, any certificates or notarized documents to prove that the applicant and the sponsor are joint owners of real estate.

If you own property together overseas, then make sure you translate any title documents or any evidence that’s not in English. Remember, all documents submitted with your partner visa application should be in English or it will delay the processing of your application.

Now in terms of how to write about owning property together as part of the financial aspects of your relationship, you should put this in your personal statement or statutory declaration. Write about what you own, where you own it and if it’s not an equal share, then the percentage that you own.

Any major assets can include a car, a motorbike, motorhome or anything of significant value. Maybe you own an antique china set together, who knows! If you think it’s a sizeable investment and you both own it, it wouldn’t hurt to write that in your statutory declarations.

Joint liabilities

A liability is where you and your partner are legally responsible for something.

So if you have a debt together then that’s a big piece of evidence towards the financial aspects of your relationship. Relating back to the section above, if you bought your home with a mortgage, then that mortgage is a joint liability. The home is the joint asset so you have effectively killed two birds with one stone!

The extent of any pooling of financial resources, especially in relation to major financial commitments;

This requires more of an explanation in your personal statements or statutory declarations. At the very least, if you have a joint bank account then this will show that you are pooling your financial resources. This means that you are both adding money to the joint account and taking money out of it in order to live your lives together.

A joint bank account statement that shows the incomings and outgoings will be good evidence of this.

Whether one person in the relationship owes any legal obligation in respect of the other;

This one also relates to debts or assets and basically if your partner has lent you money, given you money or the other way around, if there is evidence of this, include it. Also write about the circumstances and explain what this is in relation to the financial aspect of the relationship in your statutory declaration.

The Australian Partner Visa Guide has samples, examples and answers

In the book I go further into each section above and explain how to give details about the financial aspects of the relationship and provide examples of the typical evidence that you can submit.

I break down the sample evidence piece by piece and show you how to answer this question. These are the checklist of documents that I provide my clients and are the examples that have been successful in partner visa applications.

Some readers have written in to ask about certain living situation scenarios and I answer how to prove the financial situation, particularly when one partner contributes more than the other. I go through a few different scenarios and what evidence you should submit in order to prove the financial aspects of your relationship. Here’s a link to an explanation of a scenario about living together overseas and not having bills or documents addressed to both the applicant and sponsor.

In the supporting resources with the book, I give you sample statutory declarations from good and bad partner visa applications to show you how to write about the financial aspects of your relationship. There’s 17 good and bad statutory declarations and includes examples of what has been written in the Form 888s that your supporting witnesses will need to write.




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