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I’m absolutely delighted to finally have the book out and helping people. As you know, I started this journey myself and found it extremely daunting and stressful (it always is when it comes to yourself right?), so much so that I couldn’t imagine others who didn’t have a legal background doing it themselves. Inspired by a good friend’s impending wedding (and eventual migration back to Australia with her partner) I decided to write down all the knowledge gained from my personal and professional experience; and the ‘Partner Visa Guide’ was born.

When I started writing, it was 5 pages of scribbled notes and me telling her ‘oh and you have to do this. And this. And that. Don’t forget to include this as well!’. Hurried Skype calls and multiple emails back and forth, I had created the barebones of the book.

With the gentle support of my friends and family I decided to polish it up and release it to the world in hopes that it will help more than just my friend. What we have here today is so much more than that and I’m just blown away by how it has been received by everyone. The Partner Visa Guide, is now a 135-page book with checklists, templates and worksheets. Look at how far it has come 😀

Along with the book will be updates and a vibrant (private) Facebook community where we can all share our stories and connect with each other.

I’ll be regularly updating this blog as well for any  new changes and updates to the law and from time to time I like to write about current partner visa cases going through the courts or any helpful hints and tips.

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And finally, I’d love to hear your stories and what has made it so hard for you to apply for the partner visa. I’m looking forward to reading these so send them through to fiona@partnervisaguide.com.au – I read every single one.

Thank you and goodluck everyone on your journeys!


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