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Thursday Answers – Is Form 80 Necessary Or Can I Just Skip It?

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This is a question that I’m getting with increasing frequency and I know why. I’m going to paraphrase:

“Is Form 80 really necessary? It’s not on the Department checklist anymore and I’m just repeating myself with the other parts of the application.”

Yes, the dreaded Form 80. It’s that really long and tedious form that the applicant aka your partner has to fill in that lays bare their entire life. From where you lived, where you travelled, what you studied and what jobs you had – it’s all there. But wait, you might have noticed that you’ve already dealt with this in the application form or that you’re already including the relevant evidence with your visa application. Certainly, if you followed the book, you should have.

The official stance of the Department is that Form 80 is not necessary anymore. Form 80 is no longer listed on the checklist that’s readily available on the Department website.

But this would be too simple of an answer.

Form 80 is generally required for a lot of permanent visas so that the Australian government can really investigate as to whether the applicant is a good person to let into the country. We’re talking permanent residency so of course the Australian government wants to be thorough in their checks. The primary use of Form 80 is to determine where the applicant has been and where they should request police checks from i.e. for character purposes.

Nowadays I’m seeing Form 80 being requested by the case officer in temporary visa applications, even though Form 80 was not listed as a required document. Now we all know what that means when a case officer requests more information; it means delays in processing!

So let’s look at this in relation to the partner visa. The partner visa application is a 2-in-1 application: both a temporary and a permanent visa application at the same time.

We know Form 80 is generally required for permanent visas and we know that increasingly Form 80 is being requested for temporary visas.

This leads us to the conclusion that YES I still recommend including Form 80 in your applications because chances of it being requested later on are still high. By that time, your visa application would have been processing for what seems like years and now you have to fill in a really long form within a short space of time and hope to get it back to the case officer to finalise the case. But by the time you remember everything and have Form 80 filled out it’s already too late, the case officer has other cases and your case goes back into his/her queue and won’t be dealt with for another month or so. FAIL.

So what is my advice? You’ve already done the work and you already gathered the information to answer everything in Form 80, so why risk delays by not filling it in and submitting it with your partner visa application?

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts in Australian partner visa applications (except for the ones I’ve written about here). I know it’s a long form and it’s a lot of repetition but you’re about to move your partner to Australia to join you and start building your new life together, don’t let Form 80 stand in the way of it.

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