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Dear Readers,

It’s been a while since I’ve written and there’s no real excuse for it except I’m busy with life, moving and general personal matters. However, the good news is that I’m still working on updating the next edition of the book. In fact there are some changes coming up ahead that may impact how you go about applying for your partner visa. That blog post will come out shortly and the updates in the book will also address that.

Some of the personal matters that I’m dealing with include a concerted effort against me by very unhappy migration agents who would like to see my book and website go away. I’m being harassed via email and social media by people who verbally abuse me, question my integrity and sometimes say downright racist things. This abuse has extended to my family and friends and all because I wrote a book with the intention of helping people and not profit off vulnerable people like other migration agents.

I wrote the book to help those who can’t afford paying outrageous fees to the Australian government just to bring their loved ones here.

I wrote the book so that people wouldn’t have to pay thousands more to dodgy migration agents who tell them to fill in their own forms and never call them back.

I wrote the book because I’ve been through the process myself and know how hard it is to understand all the different moving parts.

So you might ask why would I charge money for a book if all I want to do is help people? The honest answer is that I put time and effort into it and I believe in being compensated for that time and effort; just like you who would like to be paid for work that you’ve done.

What I ask for the book is not a big sum to pay. Considering how much migration agents charge versus the amount of information in my book, many readers have actually told me that I’m selling myself short.

In fact, when people email me to say they want to do their partner visa application with me, I tell them to read the book first. I tell them that they may find the many answers that they seek in the book. I also tell them to read the book first so that they can be prepared and know about the process so that when they do want to engage a migration agent, they’ll be able to see if the migration agent knows their stuff or not (because frankly, a lot do not).

9 times out of 10, these readers go on to do their own partner visa applications.

This is because the book really does set you up for a good starting point to do your own partner visa application. And the additional services that I provide are priced so affordably that with a little assistance, many readers are quite thankful to not have to pay thousands to migration agents.

Because the Australian government continues to squeeze partner visa applicants for money, the review services I provide are so popular that unfortunately I have to suspend them. That’s right, you read correctly: I’m getting so many requests for review applications that I now have to stop doing them for now.

I’ve got an increasingly busy schedule and as a perfectionist, if I can’t give it my all to my readers, then I don’t want to give you sub-par work. This is your applications (and lives) in the balance, so I want to be able to help out as much as I can, where I can.

Thus, the review services are not available until further notice.

I will continue to provide important updates via the blog and Facebook and in the meantime I’ll be updating the third edition of the book to give you my dear readers even more tips and tricks and more insider information so that you can do your own partner visa applications.

And to all the trolls, I’m going to stand tall and know that you only attack me because I am exposing your own weaknesses.

Did you know that over 50% of migration agents have less than 3 years of experience? Check the MARA site for the statistics.

As I’ve said, there are migration agents who are from a completely unrelated field, do a one year course, and can claim to know all there is to know about immigration law. These are the majority of migration agents these days. These are the majority of migration agents that ask you to hand over your hard earned cash to.

As always the choice is yours where you spend your money and I never ever oblige or push my readers to do one thing or another. I believe in free choice so please choose wisely but please be informed before you do.

All the best in your migration journeys, I’ll keep you all posted for the next edition and further important updates.

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