I did an experiment recently. I regularly reach out to past clients to check on how they’re doing and I asked them if they’d be willing to send me some emails from when they first started looking for help.

Why did I do this you ask? To prove a point. That when you’re in need of help, it’s frustrating to be stonewalled at every turn. Particularly by professionals who hold the answers to your questions.

I asked them for the initial emails that they sent to migration agents when they first started on their journeys.

I’ve picked out a few that I think are pretty representative of the migration industry in general. (Click images to enlarge)

Bad example 1: Money upfront, then we’ll talk – and to top it off, here’s some spam

Enquiry 1 - money and mailing list


Bad mistake 2: No answer to enquiry, just a sales letter and the kicker? ATTACHMENTS! 

Enquiry 2 - sales letter no answer and has attachments

Bad example no 3: Pass you around till someone picks up and then you pay me money so I can hear this all again on the phone

Enquiry 3 - 450 for the privilege

Bad example 4: WRONG advice (Chileans can apply for a work and holiday visa)

Enquiry 4 - just wrong advice


I know what you’re thinking: “but Fiona, you’re in the migration industry” and it is because I am in the migration industry that I write this. I’d like the industry to improve so that a better service can be provided. I want more transparency in the industry so that potential clients won’t be turned off and away and gamble their visas away.

When you’re searching for help, for a matter that involves the future direction of your life, I think a little support and delicacy is needed. And help shouldn’t only be afforded to those that can pay for it.

I started my firm with a difference in mind: giving people the opportunity to choose their service level. I broke down the services into parts that people could pick and choose and for that I think I have made immigration law more accessible.

This one motivation has also led me to create the ‘Partner Visa Guide’ because I know how difficult it is for those facing ridiculously high visa fees to then have to pay more ridiculous fees to a migration agent to handle their case.

I’m sure all of you out there have had your own experiences of a stonewalling professional. I’m not asking for you to name and shame but leave comment on your experiences and maybe we can all laugh about it now. In hindsight. When we’re not on the desperate side of the equation.

Till next time,


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