Hi everyone!

After talking to some readers, they’ve suggested that I get into video. Yep, they want to see MORE of me as if I didn’t bore them enough with technical legal talk. Lol.

So I took on the suggestion and started with 1 video. Then I was like “Well I’m not finished talking, I want to talk about so and so”. And I created a second video. 10 minute videos after 10 minute videos I finally realised what I should do.

I went further than the suggestions. Whoops.

I created a whole video course!

I get it, people are more visual these days and they want to see things play out in front of them instead of reading.  I mean I personally do that when I’m on Facebook: do I want to read a 3,000 word essay on the Brexit or do I want to watch the 1 min video by BBC who illustrates the whole issue? The video wins out duh!

When? Where? Hold on, how much will this cost me?

I’m going to be launching this course soon and it’d be ABSOLUTELY FREE. That’s right, you read correctly. FREE.

How to do your own Australian partner visa course

Because I love to do walkthroughs – I mean the book is basically a walkthrough of the whole application process step by step (including the evidence gathering beforehand) – I’ve created a 22 video course on how to do your own Australian partner visa application!

I go through BOTH application forms for the applicant and the sponsor and I explain why the questions are asked. Knowing why something is being asked or requested can give you the confidence to provide the right supporting documents.

Also, if you slip up anywhere on the application forms it could lead to a visa refusal or worse, cancellation after you’ve got it! Any wrong answers, mismatched dates etc can raise red flags about your application and relationship. I wouldn’t want you to make that mistake and risk everything.

So if you want to be notified of when this course launches and how to access for FREE then sign on up to get notified ASAP.


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