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Thursday Answers – What is the difference between statutory declarations and Form 888?

Australian partner visa answers

What is the difference between statutory declarations and Form 888?

Last updated: 19 June 2019

Thursday Answers are a response to questions submitted by readers on our regular Ask Mondays posts.

Every Monday I ask people to send in their questions and concerns and I select one to answer. In doing this, I hope you will see that a) you’re not alone in this, b) there are no stupid questions and c) we’re all here to help!

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Registering a relationship changes in Victoria makes it easier for everyone

Registering a relationship changes in Victoria makes it easier for everyone


Registering a relationship is the primary method for de-facto couples to prove that they’re in a genuine relationship for Australian partner visa purposes. De-facto couples by definition are couples that are not married and by registering a relationship, de-facto couples enjoy many of the rights, benefits and protections as married couples; but without the label. This is particularly useful for same-sex couples as Australia currently does not recognise same-sex marriages.

Currently there are only a handful of jurisdictions that allow registering relationships for immigration purposes. Victoria is one of them and I’m delighted to know that Victoria has now made it easier for de-facto couples to register their relationship.

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Partner Visa Costs Compared Around The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

partner visa costs compared


Partner Visa Costs Compared Around The World

I’ve got a special treat for you guys today: data visualisation! That means a lovely infographic on partner visa costs!

As you all know, I’m obsessed with how much partner visa costs nowadays, particularly when I’ve watched it increase over the years – sometimes over a few short months! But the question remains, just how much has it increased over the years? And what about the processing times? These questions keep me up at night and I thought, why not finally investigate and track the rise and rise of the Great Australian rip-off?

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Are cover letters for partner visa applications necessary? [FREE TEMPLATE]

how to include a cover letter in your visa application

Are cover letters for partner visa applications necessary?

Cover letters are not just for job applications, they can also be handy for your partner visa applications. Why you ask? Is it necessary you ask? Well they’re not necessary per se but they’re a nice to have and I find that it helps to make the life of the case officer easier. Imagine if you’re handing in 50 or so documents (either paper or online) and there’s a few missing that will be uploaded or sent off a bit later. You can’t expect the case officer to look at your list of documents and know exactly what’s missing and whether you will be uploading it. Once again the goal is to help out the case officer as much as possible and not to make their jobs harder than it should be.

If you’re missing documents or some of your documents are a little unclear then you want to explain this to the case officer.

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All Your Partner Visa Questions Answered

Australian partner visa questions and answers


All Your Partner Visa Questions Answered

I’m back with some Frequently Asked Questions about partner visas! I know this ride is roller coaster and you all have your concerns about whether going through the Australian partner visa process alone is worthwhile or not. Or even if it’s safe to do so by yourself. There’s just so much information out there (often conflicting) such as in forums and even the Australian Government’s website.

Aside from the usual “what are the Australian partner visa requirements?” or  “how much does the Australia spouse visa cost” I’ve been asked these questions and here are my honest answers.

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Writing A Timeline Of Your Relationship (+FREE Worksheet)

The very first thing that you should do before you even start any partner visa paperwork is to map out your relationship and document every significant event in a timeline.

Why you ask? Well where are you going to start? If this is not your starting point then I don’t know what is. Filling in the application forms should be the last thing you do, not the first. So put those forms down and get cracking on your relationship timeline instead.

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