Couple facing costs of Australian partner visa


A recent opinion piece by the SBS has touched on the outrageous fees that Australian citizens and their families have to pay in order to reunite with loved ones.

As we are all painfully aware, the visa application fees are currently at $6,865AUD. And if we know anything about Australian government fees, they can only go up and never down.

The article compares and contrast fees that other countries charge for partner visas and understandably everyone is pissed off. The costs for an Australian partner visa are reaching the heights of being unattainable by many and the desperate few who can afford the fees are increasingly choosing to go it alone i.e. without correct legal advice.

The editorial piece is very much in line with how I feel about the Australian government holding lovers to ransom and you can read the full article here: Is Australian government ripping off its citizens with partner visa?


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